Curriculum Overview




At St. Paul’s we pride ourselves on knowing our children and the skills that they will require to be successful within our school community and the wider world. Our curriculum places a strong emphasis on the children being numerate and literate, but the heart of our curriculum is focused on developing the whole child. With Christ at the centre of everything we do, the children will develop their own personal faith journey and their own unique abilities. They will learn to respect themselves and each other whilst developing resilience and confidence in an exciting curriculum that will continue to inspire, motivate and challenge them; enabling them to achieve happiness.

We use a RESPECT curriculum which, through a thematic approach, embraces the learning and application of skills across the curriculum. We have enlisted the services of Commando Joe’s to support the development of our curriculum. Commando Joe’s provides a character learning journey that we have personalised to the needs of our children. It encourages them to think critically and develop a mindset that thrives on looking at themselves and others from different perspectives. The programme contributes to cultural, physical, moral and social well being and play a part in extending each child’s understanding of British values. It has been carefully designed to inspire and motivate our children in challenging and engaging ways while providing a wide range of opportunities. Developing each and every character that comes through our doors is our underpinning focus and we aim to provide our children with the opportunity to make intelligent, informed decisions with the hope that they are able to take ownership of their actions.

Building character within St. Paul’s will gift our children with the skills to contribute to wider society whilst also enabling them to be academically capable. Developing their emotional intelligence is at the forefront of our curriculum and we believe this will give our children the best opportunity of achieving successful careers and relationships.


  • To provide opportunities that encompass a wide range of purposeful learning experiences and activities. Accessing coherent and sequential learning.
  • Inspiring children to do their best and have ambition to achieve.
  • Leading and being led to achieve outcomes.
  • Engaging in deep thinking to support their decision making and actions.



  • Teaching the basic skills and then providing opportunities to apply these through careful planned activities to engage and promote the use of specific character traits.
  • Specific, carefully selected curriculum links to the Commando Joe’s character cards to ensure learning is purposeful.
  • Giving the opportunity for children to have experiences they may not otherwise have had.
  • Promoting the ‘want’ to learn and develop a growth mindset.
  • Encouraging the use and development of problem solving skills.
  • Application of basic skills, promoting working at greater depth.
  • Encouraging children to identify the skills needed independently.

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