Bishop Bewick Catholic Education Trust

St. Paul’s Catholic Primary School is part of the Bishop Bewick Catholic Education Trust, a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales under company registration number No 7841435. 

Registered Office: Fenham Hall Drive, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 9YH

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The Values and Mission of the Trust


Love your neighbour as yourself.

  • A golden rule of the Gospel that encapsulates a basic principle that we care equally for everyone in the Trust and outside, not just our own organisations. That we are both inward and outside facing and serve each other’s communities. It is a very hard thing to do but with God’s love it is possible to see all as our neighbours: our schools, employees, pupils, families, parishes, other Trusts and schools.


  • We share in the original mission of Catholic education - to provide excellent education for our children and to be drivers for social justice in our schools.
  • The Catholic School (1977) that, ‘First and foremost the Church offers its educational service to the poor’
  • ​We will do this for all our children, regardless of their personal circumstances. Where children are held back by vulnerability or disadvantage we will empower them to overcome any barriers they have to fulfilling their potential.

Students at St Pauls playing outsideCollaboration

  • The main reason we are together in a Trust is this. We are no longer islands working individually for our own schools, staff and pupils. By harnessing the strengths we have collectively, we have so much more capacity to support and improve the education of all the children within Bishop Bewick.
  • We will work together through a process of solidarity, subsidiarity and finally transparency. We work together but schools retain their individuality at the same time.
  • We must truly and deeply work together to make this a reality.


  • Our staff are our greatest resource. Therefore, a large part of the Trust’s work is to ensure they are given opportunities to develop professionally from the early years of their career through to leading our organisations. Our culture is to coach and mentor.
  • ​We listen to our staff and take careful consideration of their opinions and ideas.
  • ​We ensure our staff are well treated and are able to enjoy the best working conditions.
  • ​We value and listen to parents, our parish communities as well as Directors and governors.


  • Schools should therefore pay regard to the ‘formation of the whole person’ including developing their spirituality.
  • ​Our schools will offer a broad and balanced curriculum so that all our children can find and explore their individual gifts and talents whatever these may be.
  • Our children should be cared for in such a way that their physical, moral, intellectual talents and spirituality develop harmoniously, so that they develop a greater sense of responsibility and use this freedom to take an active part in society becoming responsible citizens.

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