Wold Book Day with Year 6

Not only did we all look fantastic in our costumes but we all had such an exciting, busy World Book Day!
In the morning we paired up with our year 6 buddies. We went over to Alnwick Gardens and went on a Gruffalo search! We found all of the characters and the story hiding in the woodland walk! Year 6 took it in turns to read us the story while we acted it out with the characters then we shared some of favourite stories with our buddies.
Back in the classroom we continued to work with our buddies: designing book covers, making book marks, creating our favourite characters out of play-dough, measuring the length of our books using unfix, playing a guess the fairy tale game and drawing ourselves and our buddy reading a story at the woods.
Then, in the afternoon, we got into groups with a Julia Donaldson story and made stick puppets for a puppet theatre performance. We even had guest readers! (Julie the dance teacher and Alex the rugby coach).