Term 6 - Online Learning

Term 6 - Week 5 - Monday 29th June

This week is national camera week. 


Morning all. I have been setting online work for Years 1, 2 and 3. I thought you might like to try some of the fun afternoon activities on my weekly plan. Skip the bitesize lessons in the morning as they are aimed at Years 1 and up, but the afternoon sessions are fun creative tasks and I give lots of dojo points for sending in photos of your children's brilliant work.


Look forward to seeing what you create, 

Mr Chapman


Art Hub - Draw a camera! Listen carefully and follow the instructions to draw a camera. Don't forget to send in a photo of your drawings for your dojo points (You can also send them to Arthub for kids, they like to receive pictures of children completing their art tasks)


Family Learning Challenge: I am looking forward to this one. Take your time and find an amazing photo to celebrate camera day. It might be something from nature, a person who makes you happy or a photo of something that makes you go 'wow!'. Send your best photo in on the dojos and I will make a slideshow of your amazing photography to share with the school. 


E-safety for 5-7: Read the story and design an online safety super hero

E-safety for 8-10: Advice for grandpa about how the can use a tablet to do certain things. Along with a suspicious activity task


Science: Watery Science: Learn more than you might think about floating and sinking and other special properties of water!


Keep sending in photos of your amazing work, your teachers love to see what you have been up to!

Term 6 - Week 6 - Monday 6th July

New Conversations and Good Care Week. 


Family Challenge:

This week is Good Care Month and Conversation Day falls in the week as well. So in school we will be putting these two days together and showing our care for our loved ones. 

Contact someone you care for and start an interesting conversation with them. (If they could have a superpower what would it be and why?) 

Make a card, send an email, write a letter, facetime or send a message to people you love and find out something about them!

What can you find out about the people you love?


Art Hub:

Draw a cartoon mobile phone, this will get you started thinking about who you will speak to this week. Why not get grandma or grandpa to follow the instructions as well?!


Science; Body Science 

Conduct investigations to learn interesting facts about your body!


Computer Safety: Lesson 6

-      5-7: Learn about sharing pictures safely.

Term 6 - Week 7 - Monday 13th July

Morning All

The last week has arrived. What a crazy end we have had to our academic year. It has been amazing to see all the hard work your children have been doing at home; I know all the teachers have really missed the children, myself especially. Thanks again for sending in pictures of them competing their work and having fun.  


I’m not settling English and maths this week, just our fun learning challenges.



It is emoji day this coming Friday so I have chosen an art hub emoji challenge for our art work. In addition to this the art ninja made a great funny face flip book which you might want to have a go at. The art ninja needs some funny photos to be taken, have a look at the video to see what you need to do.



There’s a bit of overlap here with previous experiments, but with a twist.

Explore the forces that make rockets fly through the sky in this week’s science challenge.

Good luck grownups!!



There is a lovely theme of kindness online this week with a focus on video chats.

Websites to support your child's learning in phonics and reading 
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The websites shown below have excellent games and activities to help your child develop their mathematical skills.