Alex from Cramlington Rockets RLFC reading Nobot the Robot on world book day.

Sir Scallywag and the Battle of Stinky Bottom

Written by Giles Andreae

This book is about a brave knight going on a quest for his king. On his way he battles mythical creatures in search of a mystical sausage! Listen out for the super describing words and funny events.

Sorry for the jumpy parts, I had to crop the video several times to make it small enough to upload. Additionally, I’ve leaned that I need to dress up more for the next videos!

As it is VE Day, I've gone for George and the Dragon this week (I missed St. George's day last week!)
It still has the knights, dragons and castles theme which we are looking at, at the moment. 
I really need to dress up next time, i'm still in comfortable clothes mode!
Another Sir Scallywag story, I couldn't help it. Next week will be one of a new set of stories which I ordered for the class before we went into lock down. 
Stay Safe
We have a guest reader for this week's story. Bear from the Cramlington Rockets has sent in a story of the ugly duckling. He is going a bit stir-crazy due to lock down, and wanted to share his special brand of madness with us all. 
The Lion Inside
Written by Rachel Bright and Jim Field
This book teaches us that we all have a mouse and a lion inside of us. We can all be brave when we decide to challenge ourselves and try our best.