School Uniform

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Our uniform can be ordered online, from our uniform supplier, Emblematic. The uniform is displayed in       M A Tailoring ,located in Bow Alley in Alnwick. Samples of the uniform are available to try on.

All pupils are expected to wear the official school uniform which has our school badge and is embroidered with the child’s name and are expected to be presented smartly, both in and out of school.

Please note that extreme/fashion hairstyles, e.g. skinhead, mohicans etc. are not permitted. Hair longer than shoulder-length must be tied back for hygiene and health & safety reasons.

Uniform from September 2017

Grey trousers

Grey skirt, pinafore or trousers in Winter

Green and White Gingham Dress (optional in Summer)

Forest Green school badged sweatshirt or cardigan

White school badged polo shirt

Bottle Green Fleece Jacket – Optional

Bottle Green Waterproof Jacket – Optional


Pupils should wear black school shoes. Trainers are not acceptable.

If your child brings Wellington boots please ensure that they are marked with the child’s name, then peg them together and leave in the Cloakroom.

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PE is a legal requirement of the National Curriculum and, as such, children must be suitably equipped. PE Kit is:

Black shorts
White t shirt
PE bag to be kept in school on the child’s peg..

Pupils with long hair must have their hair tied back in PE and swimming lessons.


Jewellery should not be worn by children in school. Pupils who do wear jewellery may expose themselves and others to risk of serious injury, particularly during practical activities.

Reasonable exceptions to the rule that jewellery should not be worn might include the wearing of inexpensive watches and the use of “studs” by children who have recently had their ears pierced.
The piercing of ears does not exclude children from P.E. during the six weeks after piercing and parents must supply plasters to cover them at all times. It should be noted that ear rings must be removed 6 weeks after piercing.