School Dog

At St. Paul's we are extremely lucky to have our very own school Dog called Chip. Chip is a beautiful Cockapoo who we all love very much.  
Before I arrived at St. Paul's some of the children had already expressed their desire to have a school dog. Last year School Council researched and found out lots of interesting information from the lady at Dog's Trust. During lockdown staff visited many children in their own homes and Mrs Fleming and myself had the pleasure of meeting lots of animals, especially dogs! Seeing how affectionate the children were towards their own dogs and hearing about the emotional support these pets have provided to families during this difficult time the governors of St. Paul's and staff decided that Chip would be a perfect pet.
Chip joined us as an 8 week old puppy during partial school closure. He provided emotional support to the key worker children and those who returned in Nursery, Reception, Year One and Year Six.
Chip brings us joy in school everyday and the children get to spend time with him in numerous ways. The older children have supported in training him and he meets and greets families every day. He has even made friends with some of the children's dogs at the school gates! 
These are some of the things the children say about having a school dog. 
"Chip is so furry, he's like a teddy bear!"
"Chip is so funny. He thinks he works in the office with Mrs Frater."
"When you stroke Chip he is calm."
"Chip is great at cheering people up."
"Chip makes us all smile."
"I was frightened of dogs before but now I love Chip."
"If we feel poorly or sad Chip comes to cuddle you to make you feel better."
"Chip comes into our class and we read to him."
"When you feel sad or angry Chip makes you smile and changes your mood."
"Chip likes leaving Y5 special presents!"