Commando Joes Missions: Incy Wincy Spider

Mission 1: To the Top!
The children created their own obstacle course using the resources from the COJOs box. They then had to work together, using their 8 legs (just like a spider) to negotiate the course. If the rain came (the tambourine shook), or they bumped an obstacle they had to go back to the start and try again!
Mission 2: Washed Out!
In this mission we had to design a waterproof shelter. We decided to make them for our Fred Frog as we use him so much in phonics! We spent a lot of time discussing what sorts of items keep us dry - Wellies, coats, houses, umbrellas etc. - And decided we would build a house-like structure to shelter Fred from the rain. We then explored all the different materials we could use, looking for what we thought would repel the water. We designed then built our structure together and had great fun testing them out in the water trays!
Mission 3: Resilience is Tested!
This was our favorite mission so far! We held bits of drainpipe together to create a sort of waterslide for Incy Wincy Spider. Each time we failed to washed him down the pipe we changed our plan slightly. None of the teams gave up and we all successfully washed the spider out!