Building Model boats

After reading Oliver Jeffer's 'Lost and Found' we investigated floating and sinking. Following on from this lesson we decided we would use our knowledge of floating and sinking materials to build a boat to sail the little penguin from the story back to the South Pole. We decided the best material to use, that we had available, was plastic. We worked together to design and label our boats in groups before setting to work building them from junk modelling materials. Each team had a leader who made sure everyone had a role. The children worked very hard to build their boats and we enjoyed racing them to see who's boat was the fastest. Two team members blew the boats across the water tray, while another member used the ipad to time the boat and another wrote the time on the scoreboard. We had lots of fun and learned invaluable communication and social skills. Well done to Kerissa's group for building the fastest boat!