Nursery Admissions

Please note children attending the school’s nursery must make an application to the reception class of the school must be made in the normal way, to the home local authority. Attendance at the school’s nursery does not automatically guarantee that a place will be offered at the school.


You will have a look around & meet staff
Return your child’s forms 

Bring one of your child’s favourite toys/comforters

Always say goodbye & tell your child you are coming back

Talk to staff about the best ways to help your child settle

Stay and play with your child for a bit

Preparing your child for Nursery 


To prepare your child read to them, share stories, sing songs (nursery rhymes)

Try to play games together, share toys and turn take.

Talk to your child about starting nursery or school. What are they looking forward to? Is there anything they’re worried about?

Find photos of you and other family members at school, and chat about happy times you spent at school.

Reading books about starting school. Let your child hold the book and turn the pages as you read the story.


Practise the school morning routine, including getting dressed and eating breakfast in time to leave.

Don’t worry, children have varied abilities when they start school and their teacher will help them progress at their own level.


Skills to practice before starting nursery:

Weaning from Dummies and bottles.

Use to the toilet independently. Controlling clothing.

Put their own shoes and coat on.