Covid- Return Sept 2020

Protocol – Little Lambs


Opening hours – 9.00am-3.00pm 


Due to COVID-19 Little Lambs class will move to the adjoining room at the rear of the school building with access from Springfield Road. 

Parents are asked to drive into the staff car park and enter through the ‘Chill Club’ door. 

If walking, you are asked to carefully enter through the main car park gates and follow the path spray painted on the ground and enter through ‘Chill Club’ door.

Drop child at door with lunch box, water bottle, coat and other essentials normally taken to Little Lambs.

Leave in the same way as you have entered.

Collect at the appropriate time and leave following the same route. As you arrange your hours with Mrs Fleming pick up times may vary.

Family group drop off and pick up unfortunately cannot include Nursery children due to school being unable to move children across from one side of the building to the other without crossing other classes and breakfast club.

 Please read the information book sent yesterday to ensure you are aware of expectations we have of parents re: illness, temperature, uniform etc.

We look forward to seeing you in September.

Best wishes

Mrs Lomax and St. Paul's Team