Special Educational Needs and Disablilities


Children who are found to have Special Educational Needs and Disabilities will be catered for within the school, where possible, with the aid of professional help. Their work is monitored by a variety of methods. When additional help is provided, parents will be informed.

A child who shows exceptional ability or is significantly under-achieving in any educational area is deemed to have Special Educational Need by this school and will be catered for accordingly.

For more information, please see our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy, SEND Report and  Northumberland County Council SEND Local Offer

Ofsted Report October 2012:

'Disabled pupils, those with special educational needs and the few pupils who are at the early stages of learning English make equally good progress to other learners. This is because their progress is carefully checked so that additional support can be provided to help them catch up. Pupil premium funding is used well to provide one-to-one support and specialist training for staff. Pupils supported in this way also make good progress and develop in their confidence and self-esteem so that their regular classwork also improves.'


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